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The Langley Centennial Museum, which opened in 1958, is located in the historic village of Fort Langley.  

The Arts, Culture, and Community Initiatives division at the Township of Langley is responsible for the operation of the Langley Centennial Museum, and the coordination of all programs and services imparted with our heritage. 

The Langley Centennial Museum offers heritage services, and arts and cultural programs for all ages. Each year, 35,000 visitors tour the museum, and participate in museum organized programs and events. We are proud to celebrate our history, and 14,000 students participate yearly in a museum based learning experience.
Explore the National Exhibition Centre, History Galleries, and Gift Shop! 

National Exhibition Centre

Enjoy 3,500 square feet of exhibition galleries which feature temporary displays on a variety of topics including art, history and science.

History Galleries

Walk through time as you explore the Noel Booth General Store, Michaud Parlor, and First Nations Gallery. 

Gift Shop

Find a treasure in the Gift Shop which features unique items, handcrafted by local artists and artists.    

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