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Children and family programs are in full swing! Parents and tots can expect to enjoy interactive and exploratory programs in arts, music, and heritage, while school-aged children can come to the museum for in-depth introductory classes in exciting art techniques and historical discovery. Whether you’re an experienced artist looking to meet new friends, or a beginner wanting to explore new mediums, the Langley Centennial Museum has something to offer. Be sure to check back regularly for updates and new programs!

Artful Families

Families get busy together with this weekly family art program!  Participants start with an exciting tour of one of our current exhibits, an outdoor heritage location, or a local interest, followed by a 90-minute arts or heritage workshop to create a work reflecting a special component of the exhibit.  Adults and children learn and create alongside one another, sharing learning and idea development.

All Ages

Langley Centennial Museum

Su 1:00-3:00pm May 12 $10/Family of 4 560681
Su 1:00-3:00pm June 16 $10/Family of 4 561811

Riverside Community Room

Su 1:00-3:00pm Mar 24 $10/Family of 4 560675
Su 1:00-3:00pm Mar 31 $10/Family of 4 560676
Su 1:00-3:00pm Apr 7 $10/Family of 4 560677
Su 1:00-3:00pm Apr 14 $10/Family of 4 560678
Su 1:00-3:00pm Apr 28 $10/Family of 4 560679
Su 1:00-3:00pm May 5 $10/Family of 4 560680
Su 1:00-3:00pm May 19 $10/Family of 4 560682
Su 1:00-3:00pm June 23 $10/Family of 4 560687


Music Together

Explore songs, chants, dance, and instrument play in this fun, research-based music and movement program for infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and the adults who love them! First child fee includes 2 CDs, an illustrated songbook, and a parent resource guide. Children 10 months and under are free with a registered sibling. Reduced rate available for additional siblings.

Age 1 mo-5 yrs

Sa 9:00-9:45am Apr 6-Jun 15   10/$165 560787
Sa 10:00-10:45am   Apr 6-Jun 15 10/$165  560789
Sa 11:00-11:45am Apr 6-Jun 15 10/$165  560791


Big and Smalls: Art, Craft, and Play

Preschoolers practice fine motor skills through gluing, attaching, assembling, painting, and sculpting. Art and craft projects for both parents and tots to participate in are combined with songs, games, and play stations. This small group, play-based atmosphere introduces little ones to a classroom setting and new friends.

Ages 2-3

Mo 9:30-10:30am Apr 1-29 4/$33.75 559598
Mo 11:00am-12:00pm Apr 1-29 4/$33.75 559599
Mo 9:30-10:30am May 13-Jun 10   4/$33.75 559601
Mo 11:00am-12:00pm May 13-Jun 10   4/$33.75 559602


Heritage Trunk and Dress-up

Young children join us at the Langley Centennial Museum to explore the secrets from the past. Help us open up our heritage trunk and learn through story-time, dress-up, crafts, and games!  Each session helps us explore a different theme in history, and understand our own community!

Ages 1-5

We 2:00-3:00pm Apr 3-24   4/$54 560704
We 2:00-3:00pm May 8-29 4/$54 560764


Cartoon Creations

Learn to tell stories in a new way!  Through comics, caricatures, and character design, explore the world of cartoons.  Materials and drawing techniques will help kids get comfortable with quick, crazy drawings; scripts; and storyboards.  A compiled zine will be created at the end of the program for kids to take home!

Grades k-3

Mo 3:15-4:45pm May 27-Jun 24   5/$71 560766

Grades 3-7

Mo 3:15-4:45pm Apr 1-May 6  5/$71 560765


Fashion Design Sketching 

Get inspired by fashion and the world around you! Using models, kids sketch, draw, and colour fabulous fashion creations! Using their artwork to guide them, students also stitch together small fabric samples of their creations. 

Grades 3-7

We 3:15-4:45pm Apr 9-May 14 5/$65 562115
We 3:15-4:45pm May 15-Jun 12 5/$65 559594


Percolator’s Outdoor Art-Making

Get outdoors and get percolating with this outdoor art program.  Inspired by environmental artists like Andy Goldsworthy and Robert Smithson, kids get outside to create art in nature, and use nature as inspiration for drawing, painting, and mixed media techniques.  Kids will explore trails and parks located within walking distance of the Langley Centennial Museum.

Grades 3-7

Sa 10:30am-12:30pm May 4-Jun 8  6/$84  560768
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